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Apeiron Jojoba Tea Tree Oil, 50 ml

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This Apeiron Jojoba Tea Tree Oil is one of TwistBe's top-selling products! A multi-purpose oil composition clarifies skin from impurities, flakiness, blemishes, chapped skin and insect bites.

This oil is for you if you need a remedy for:
- Blemishes and breakouts
- Acne
- Infections caused by ingrown hairs
- Blemishes on your thighs (caused by hormones, sitting or wearing tight pants)

This product is vegan and 100% organic. It contains 100% active ingredients.


Face oils are one of our favourite products at TwistBe. High quality face oils contain a mixture of amazing nutrient rich plant oils that nourish your skin and lock the moisture from toners and serums underneath them. We recommend using face oils as part of your skin moisturizing routine and to help balance out your skin's outer layer.

You can use face oils to replace your day cream or night cream or you can add a drop of face oil on top of your moisturizer. We recommend face oils to all skin types and they are especially beneficial for your night time skincare routine.


Saat kasvoöljystä parhaan hyödyn, kun suihkutat ensin puhtaalle iholle laadukkaan kasvoveden. Kun kasvot ovat vielä hieman kosteat kasvovedestä, levitä päälle kasvoöljy. Näin annat ihollesi sekä vesi-, että rasvakosteutusta. Lämmitä kasvoöljyä hetki kämmentesi välissä ja hiero öljy ihollesi, tämä auttaa öljyä imeytymään paremmin.

Mikäli käytät “nestepohjaisia” seerumeita tai voiteita, levitetään ne aina kasvoveden jälkeen ennen kasvoöljyä.

Onkin hyvä nyrkkisääntö muistaa, että kasvojenhoitotuotteet levitetään “kevyimmästä raskaimpaan” eli vesipitoisimmasta öljyisimpään.

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Limonene**
*Certified organic
**From natural essential oils

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We strongly believe that skincare should be a holistic process. Added to that we think that in order to get the best results you should always tackle root cause of skin problems rather than just trying to get rid of the symptoms. In order to get the best start for your skincare we highly recommend you to download our FREE SKINCARE guide. This way you avoid the most common mistakes in skincare and get very practical tips on how to plan your skincare routine the right way.

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We have carefully hand-picked each and every product that you'll find at TwistBe. We have studied skin biology, cosmetic manufacturing and due to our interdisciplinary studies around wellbeing we have curated a very unique selection of products needed for results driven and truly effective holistic skincare. We only want to offer you products and services that truly nourish your skin - without you having to worry about overloading your body or the environment.

With us you can trust to get the best value for your money.

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Packaging material

Tea tree


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Victoria G. wrote 16.10.2018 :
This product has unique natural ingredients. I got used to tea tree oil and this oil feels so nourishing.

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