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Apeiron is a German natural cosmetic series based on Ayurveda.

At Apeiron there is a strong belief that our own skin has the key to giving itself the best treatment if you allow it to do so. The effectiveness of the line is based on high-quality ingredients and the right combinations. For example, their Tea-Tree Jojoba oil is a great product to help your skin to get rid of impurities. It’s one of our most sold products and one of the most effective methods of balancing skin during stress-filled periods of life.

Apeiron products are made by combining effective and high-quality exotic and local ingredients such as herbs, plants, roots and minerals. The name “Apeiron” comes from Greek and means “never be able to reach your limits”. For Apeiron, this means a continuous desire to make things better and be more versatile all the time. Many of the Ayurvedic lessons they’ve learned come from Sri Lanka and today, Apeiron is truly one of the world's experts in natural cosmetic.

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