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Arctic Warriors

Arctic Warriors was founded in 2014 in Rovaniemi, Finland when importing superfoods started to grow rapidly. Founders Ilkka, Katja and Tuija were bothered by the fact that there were amazing plants, berries and roots growing in Northern Lapland going unutilized. Lapland is far from the highways and pollution that come with highly populated areas. The plants and berries that grow their are free from the toxins we might otherwise find in our food due to pollution, preservatives and pesticide residues.

Arctic Warriors' fun and easy to use products are made in Lapland using ingredients such as roseroot, angelica, birch leaves, northern sweetgrass and nettle. The product family includes three products: Defence, Endurance and Energy. The products have been created based on the attitude and need the founders had and the products are a great alternative to energy drinks and, for example, to help the body to fight off a cold.

The core idea is that Arctic Warriors' products and pure and 100% natural. The potency of the ingredients comes from the arctic area in Lapland where they grow, cold winters and “nightless nights” during the summer when the sun never goes down.

The company has a very wide network of farmers in Lapland who help them grow their ingredients. Founder Katja came from a family with a long history of utilizing the plants of Lapland, which has made a significant impact on their product development. They have also used the help of researchers from the Finnish national research center specialized in the food and farming industry.

Arctic Warriors ethical, pure and potent products meet all the criteria for TwistBe's product range.

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