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Balm Balm

Balm Balm is a 100% Organic Skincare line from UK. The brand was founded in 2005 by an aromatherapist Glenda Taylor. While working as an aromatherapist she noticed that the organic essential oils worked much better than the non-organic -kind. She also paid attention to the fact that while working with the organic oils she needed much less product to get to the same results. Her dream was to create a skincare line that would be great quality, 100% organic and affordable. We at TwistBe think Glenda has reached her goal with an excellent grade.

Balm Balm product family includes products for face, body and a large selection of essential oils. Balm Balm takes care the environment, transparency and ethics while manufacturing the products. Their products are made with very pure ingredients without preservatives. It’s not that often that you come across to a 100% organic product line. Balm Balm products all have the Soil Association certificate and the Leaping Bunny tag, which tells that Balm Balm is campaigning against animal testing. Balm Balm products are also not tested with Animals.

Balm Balm’s simple products work really well and they are a great addition to you daily beauty routines. Balm Balm products are also suitable for babies and children. All the products naturally fill the TwistBe product criteria.

We visited Glenda and her husband Hayden in 2015 where we also met the entire Balm Balm staff.

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