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Flow kosmetiikka

Flow kosmetiikka

Flow Cosmetics was founded by a Finnish aromatherapist Riitta Jänkälä over 10 years ago. Everything started when Riitta started manufacturing bar soaps which she designed to be completely environmentally healthy, good for skin and with aromatherapeutic effects. Her soaps became very popular and soon she also started making balms and lotions.

Flow Cosmetics uses certified organic ingredients whenever possible. Apart from a small number of essential oils, all of their plant ingredients are organic and certified, while the preservatives they use meet the requirements of the COSMOS standard for organic and natural cosmetics. Flow Cosmetics mineral make-up products do not contain any nanoparticles, and the ingredients are Ecocert approved.

Finnish ingredients such as heather, juniper, northern berries and the seed oil extracted from them all come from Finland’s Lapland, while nettle and marigold are supplied by an organic farm located in the town of Hyvinkää. Flow Cosmetics strives to increase the proportion of Finnish ingredients in their products. 

Flow Cosmetics products are produced in their own facility in Hyvinkää, Finland. Flow works according with the natural cosmetics quality standards and with respect for the craft tradition. Thus, each of their products are made individually from person to person - from them to you.

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For all skin types
Price 19.90 €
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For hair, body and face
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Flow kosmetiikka Healing balm, 25ml
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Flow kosmetiikka Orange & Raw Chocolate Facial Peeling Balm, 100ml
Extra fine and delicate scrub!
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Flow kosmetiikka Lemon Essential Oil
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Flow kosmetiikka Towel + soap set
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