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Jinmee Hydrapuff sheet masks, 60 pcs

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Product description
Hydrapuff sheet mask assists you into getting the most out of your skincare, with minimum wastage of your precious toners, essences and serums. You can customize the use completely based on your own needs in order to make sure you will provide your skin the nutrients it needs.

What is Hydrapuff?

Hydrapuff is an innovative, sponge-like sheet which soaks up your liquid skincare products then fully releases them onto your skin, leaving it plump, silky soft and super hydrated. Hydrapuff's contoured wave shape adheres closely to the skin and can also be used to make your own DIY mini sheet mask for added hydration.

What makes Hydrapuff different from any other sheet mask?

Sheet masks are no doubt a popular choice these days. However pre-soaked masks can contain ingredients that may not work for you, and often are for the entire face rather than for pinpointing a particular area.

The method of a D.I.Y sheet mask enables you personalise your routine. You can use your own products that you know and trust, whilst targeting specific skin concerns. With Hydrapuff, applying just a small amount of your product will give it a slightly adhesive-gel consistency, so it can cling to your skin comfortably. Hydrapuff’s unique wave shape makes it the perfect skincare tool, allowing you to target difficult to treat areas such as under the eyes, t-zone, chin and neck.

You can personalise your skincare further by applying Hydrapuff sheets soaked in different products onto different areas of your skin. This makes Hydrapuff the perfect tool in D.I.Y Sheet masking. While premade sheet-masks are soaked in one type of product, Hydrapuff enables you to target specific skincare concerns with your trusted skincare products. Apply a Hydrapuff sheet soaked in essence or moisturiser onto dry patches, or a non-oil based product in oil-prone areas such as the T-zone.

Who can use Hydrapuff sheet masks?

Hydrapuff is suitable for all skin types.

How to use Hydrapuff?

1. Soak a Hydrapuff sheet with your favourite toner, essence or serum and gently pat skin, allowing them to be absorbed.
2. Apply the Hydrapuff sheet directly onto your skin, on cheeks or desired area.
3. Leave for 5-10 minutes before removing.

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