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Katja Kokko Yin Your Skin Gua sha spoon

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Product description
This gua sha spoon made from jade is designed especially for treating the face, neck and especially the skin around the eyes.

The gua shas in our assortment are a result of through testing and experimenting of skincare specialist Katja Kokko. They fit perfectly to your hand, have a good grip and are hand-made from high quality jade stone to boost your current skincare routine.

The spoon-shaped gua sha tool is especially beneficial for invigorating the lymph fluid and reducing puffiness. It is tool number one for the skin around the eyes.

Cool down the spoon in cold water for an effective, heavenly Cinderella treatment to remove puffiness and brighten the skin around the eyes. The spoon also works extremely well for treating the front and back of the neck and décolletage, and can be used for the entire face.

The side of the spoon can be used to scrape wrinkles to improve fading. The other end of the spoon is perfect for targeting acupuncture points.

Everyone sees and feels the effects of gua sha at their own unique pace. However you will notice effects, changes and improvements after every treatment. <3

Effects of a facial gua sha:

- Boosts skin circulation --> oxidized blood travels up to the surface layers of the skin to nourish tissues and skin cells --> faster skin renewal
- Invigorates lymph fluid circulation --> removes puffiness on the face and under the eyes
- Brightens and ”opens up” the eyes
- Improves collagen and elastin production
- Fades fine lines and wrinkles and tightens saggy tissue
- The features of the cheeks and jawline become more sculpt
- Can reduce impurities
- Can fade pigment spots

You can start by treating your skin for just couple of minutes, that will already give you benefits! Once you find your routine to gua sha you can extent your treatment time. Treating wrinkles and getting long-term results however requires commitment to the method.

In Chinese medicine, jade is said to improve kidney energy and cleanse the body from toxins and metabolic waste. Jade is particularly beneficial for a stressed mind and body.

As the tools are made from natural stone, each tool is unique and may vary in colour.

A lubricant is used in gua sha to make sure the tool glides smoothly on the skin – a high-quality skin oil works best. Do the gua sha at the end of your normal skin care regimen. Hydrate the skin with a toner and apply oil. You can also use your regular serum and moisturizer before applying oil. Use a body oil when treating the body.


After use, clean the comb with soap and water and dry carefully. Disinfect the tool if treating someone else.

Gua sha is not recommended if you have:
- Damaged or infected skin
- Rosacea, acne or perioral dermatitis (areas of the afore-mentioned symptoms should be left untreated HOWEVER you can treat skin below and around. Treating the neck and décolletage is actually beneficial if you have acne or rosacea.)
- If fillers or Botox have been applied to the skin in the last three months

What is gua sha?

Gua sha comes from the words gua, meaning to scrape or rub, and sha, meaning a reddish rash. It is a self-care therapy that has been in use for over a thousand years in Asia, especially China, with its roots in Chinese medicine.

The treatment releases muscle and fascia tension and stimulates circulation. It results in redness on the treated area of skin. The therapy leaves you feeling energized and refreshed, as it also improves qi – the flow of life energy in channels known as meridians.

Gua sha relaxes the nervous system, which in turn releases tension. It is a useful form of treatment for anyone suffering from migraine, headaches, neck and back pain, and stress. Anyone can treat themselves with gua sha at home.

Gua sha is an effective treatment for the face, immediately bringing spa-like, visible results to
your skincare. A facial gua sha shouldn’t result in red marks, although some redness can occur
momentarily during treatment.

Scroll down to find recomendations that we have carefully selected for you.

We strongly believe that skincare should be a holistic process. Added to that we think that in order to get the best results you should always tackle root cause of skin problems rather than just trying to get rid of the symptoms. In order to get the best start for your skincare we highly recommend you to download our FREE SKINCARE guide. This way you avoid the most common mistakes in skincare and get very practical tips on how to plan your skincare routine the right way.

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We have carefully hand-picked each and every product that you'll find at TwistBe. We have studied skin biology, cosmetic manufacturing and due to our interdisciplinary studies around wellbeing we have curated a very unique selection of products needed for results driven and truly effective holistic skincare. We only want to offer you products and services that truly nourish your skin - without you having to worry about overloading your body or the environment.

With us you can trust to get the best value for your money.

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or by stopping by at our Helsinki store. Our experts are always ready to help!

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kim b. wrote 29.2.2020:
This feels very nice on your skin. Would have been great to better understand how to use it - as now I am just assuming!
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