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Nordic Health Turmeric mouth spray, 120 sprays

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Nordic Health Turmeric mouth spray is scientifically proven to be incomparably absorbing turmeric supplement!

Turmeric is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Nordic Health Turmeric mouth spray absorbs directly from your buccal membrane into your bloodstream and is thus such a great turmetic supplement. Turmeric absorption from the gut can be as low as 1% (Yang et al 2007) and gut and stomach problems lower the number. The mouth spray absorbs up to 52% faster than tablets.

Nordic Health Turmeric mouth spray was selected The Best New Health Product in Europe in 2017.

Orange flavor, no artifical additives or flavorants. Easy to use!

Suitable for vegans.

Why should you choose Nordic Health mouth sprays?

Nordic Health is a Finnish family company specialized in extremely well absorbing vitamin and magnesium mouth sprays. The innovative Nordic Health vitamin mouth sprays are perfect pick for anyone looking to maximize the benefit from vitamin supplements! They absorb instantly into the bloodstream from the buccal membrane once sprayed into your mouth, bypassing any problems you may have with gut or stomach that would prevent normal supplements from absorbing.

Nordic Health has carefully selected each ingredient used in the products. Research on the synergy between the ingredients is also done to ensure you get the maximum benefit from using the products. The uncomparable absorption has been confirmed with absoption research and absorption route research at Cardiff, Ulster and Sheffield universities.

Each batch is tested and analyzed at an external, accredited laboratory to ensure the products contain the promised amount of vitamins. A purity check is also performed to each batch.

How do I use Nordic Health Turmeric mouth spray?

Spray 4 plumes daily onto the buccal membrane. The latest reseach shows that turmeric absorb best from the buccal membrane.

Purified water, flavorant (xylitol), turmeric root (standardizer 95% curcuminoid, y-cyclodextrin), glyserol, emulsifier (acacia gum), acidity regulator (citric acid), orange oil, stabilizer (xanthan gum)

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Type of Supplement
Extracts, Herbs, Vitamins


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25 Milliliters

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United Kingdom

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