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Organic Essence

Organic Essence manufacturers amazing organic body butters and deodorants in California. The company’s nourishing products are packed to unique completely recyclable packing. You can recycle the the packaging with paper or put it in a compost.

Organic Essence uses organic oils, botanicals and essential oils which are 3rd party certified to ensure that it's not just an empty marketing claim. Many of the products are vegan with zero animal testing. Organic Essence standards are high and quality is supreme with home compostable packaging as the ultimate goal. They really are an industry leader by combining a truly sustainable package with organic, sustainable ingredients.

Better for you:

- Reduce chemical exposure
- Better for the planet
- Reduce chemical exposure
- Better for farmers
- Reduce chemical exposure.

Organic Essence products ended up to TwistBe product selection originally because of their unique deodorants but once we realized their body butters are amazing we ended up taking them in our selection as well. All the Organic Essence products fulfill the strict TwistBe product criteria.

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