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Perioral dermatitis (POD)

We get all the time more and more questions related to POD (Perioral dermatitis). It is a skin problem that appears around the mouth. The symptoms can be itchyness, dryness and impurities, especially small itching breakout-type bumbs. Diagnosing this is not always that easy. There is not yet enough research related to it and to the factors that cause it. It has been speculated that the causes could be anywhere from over treating the skin, using too harsh products, stress, birthcontrol pills etc. It appears though that the reasons are not that simple. These things seem to trigger POD instead of beeing the reason behing it. We do know that it is caused something in the modern world since dermatologists have only been descovering POD only after 1950. 

The good news is that POD symptoms can be relieved with right kind of skincare routines and with other lifestyle choises. You can also completely get rid of it. 

Even though we do not know yet exactly the causes, we do know that simplyfying the skincare routine helps if you suspect you have POD. Use simple products, use less products and follow a simple skincare routine. Clean your face with a mild cleansing milk or just with coconut oil. If you need you can use a gentle konjac sponge for the cleaning but avoid using a muslin cloth, it is too harsh for POD skin. Usually POD skin is so sensitive that peelings and masks are too much, so skip these completely. Choose a moisturizing product that is simple and binds moisture. For example shea butter and coconut butter are gentle and lock up moisture really well.

We have selected all the products to this category that are the right ones for treating POD. These products have a great price-quality relationship, they actually contain ingredients that do something for your skin and they contain organic ingredients as much as possible, some of them up to 100%. 

Apeiron Gentle Cleansing Milk, 150 ml
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Olivia Klein Sensitive Cream, 50ml
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Balm Balm Rose Floral Water, 30ml
For all skin types!
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Olivia Klein Hydra Serum, 30ml
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Rimita Green Argan Oil, 50ml
From the first cold pressing
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Balm Balm Rose Floral Water, 100ml
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Organic Essence Lip Balm, Natural, 6g
100% biodegradable
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Nourish London Relax Hydrating Peptide Serum, 30ml
For sensitive & irritated skin
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Puhdistamo OM-X Lactic Acid Bacteria
Price 34.90 €
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S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Cream, 86g
Price 36.90 €
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Puhdistamo Chia Seeds, 220g
Price 7.90 €
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Apeiron Face & Body Cell Repair Gel, 150 ml
Instant moisturizer & revitalizer
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Puhdistamo Ashwagandha, 50g
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Puhdistamo Coconut Oil, 200ml
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Kahina Argan oil, 100ml
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TwistBe Skincare set for perioral dermatitis
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