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Treating melasma

Melasma is not really a skintype but since there are some key points on how to treat skin that has melasma we wanted to do a special category for it. Melasma starts typically appearing at the age of 30 and up. The cause is usually something that affects the hormone production such as stress, pregnancies, hormonal birthcontrol and also some medicines. 

You want to pay attention to what kind of cosmetic products you are buying especially if you know that you are prone to melasma. Here are couple of tips:

1)  Protect your skin well from the sun. Always use physical sunscreen. An easy option is to choose a make up foundation that contains a SPF. 

2) Use moisturizing products that slow down the production of melanin, brighten and lighten the skin. Good option is to choose a brightenin serum and toner. 

3) Use entsymatic peels that speeds up the breaking of dead skin cells and renew the skin. Finish the peeling with a moisturizing mask. 

4) Lemon essential oil helps to lighten already exisiting melasma so use it during the evening for example by mixing it to your face oil. Lemon essential oil is how ever phototoxic meaning it's prone to sunlight so use it only at night. 

We have selected all the products to this category that are the right ones for treating melasma. These products have a great price-quality relationship, they actually contain ingredients that do something for your skin and they contain organic ingredients as much as possible, some of them up to 100%. 

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Mousse foundation, SPF 28, several colors
Usage time up to 6 months!
Price 31.90 €
In stock
Olivia Klein Deep Peel Exfoliant, 30g
Price 9.10 €
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Acorelle Sunscreen spray, SPF30, 100ml
100% natural and save
Price 26.60 €
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Rimita Green Argan Oil. 50ml
From the first cold pressing
Price 24.90 €
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Olivia Klein Balance Serum, 30ml
Epäpuhtaalle iholle
Price 40.30 €
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Kahina Brightening Serum, 30ml
Vähentää sävyeroja!
Price 75.00 €
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Flow kosmetiikka Lemon Essential Oil
Price 14.40 €
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Kahina Argan oil, 100ml
Price 80.00 €
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Lux Me Konjac-sponge cloth
Price 12.90 €