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TwistBe HCA health and wellness analysis

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Would you like to make better and more conscious choices when it comes to your health and wellbeing?

With the help of the HCA-measurement you can spot nutrient deficiencies and find out if your body can utilise all the nutrients you are getting from your diet and suppliments. This way you don't have to take suppliments just randomly or by current trends. You will save money and make better choices for your overall health and skin.

As well as the wellbeing of your skin so is your overall health strongly linked to your diet and your daily habits. In order for you to make better choicesyou need to see what is happening in your body at this moment. HCA or in other word Health Concept Analyzer is a great help for this!

With the help of the HCA analysis we get information about 13 different areas in your body. In this analysis we will focus on the following:
- Vitamins
- Minerals
- pH balance
- Skin health (such as free radicals, collagen, moisture, and greasiness)
- Digestion
- Harmful substances

Choose a measurement to fit your needs
We offer two types of measurments: a short one where you can see the deficiences you have and one with nutritional advisor Solja Kemppi who will analyze your results and give you a plan t

Quick measurement, 15 minutes
The quick measurement include the HCA measurement and results read-through with a TwistBe staff member. This measurement doesn't include a more detailed analysis of the results but you will see what kind of deficiencies you have in your body.

HCA measurement with nutritional advisor, 45 minutes
In addition to the HCA measurement you will get a consutation with nutritional advisor Solja Kemppi. During the session you will get expert advise on what to do in order to improve your overall health regarding diet, supplements and daily habits. You will also get a printed summary of your analysis. During this session you will see what kind of deficiencies you have in your body, an analysis on what might be causing them and advises on how to fix them.

Where can I get the HCA analysis?

The measurement takes place at the TwistBe showroom on Lapinlahdenkatu 7, 00180 Helsinki. It's alaways best if you book your appointment in advance.

You can buy the analysis online by adding this product to your shopping cart or you can pay at our store. The HCA analysis is also a great gift!

How do I book my appointment?

Buy your HCA analysis online or at our store and book your appointment:

- Online
- By phone with Susanna +358401969604
- At the TwistBe store: Lapinlahdenkatu 7, 00180 Helsinki

Scroll down to find recomendations that we have carefully selected for you.

We strongly believe that skincare should be a holistic process. Added to that we think that in order to get the best results you should always tackle root cause of skin problems rather than just trying to get rid of the symptoms. In order to get the best start for your skincare we highly recommend you to download our FREE SKINCARE guide. This way you avoid the most common mistakes in skincare and get very practical tips on how to plan your skincare routine the right way.

What to expect when buying products or services from us?

We have carefully hand-picked each and every product that you'll find at TwistBe. We have studied skin biology, cosmetic manufacturing and due to our interdisciplinary studies around wellbeing we have curated a very unique selection of products needed for results driven and truly effective holistic skincare. We only want to offer you products and services that truly nourish your skin - without you having to worry about overloading your body or the environment.

With us you can trust to get the best value for your money.

Do you need help?

If you have any questions regarding your skincare routines or choosing the right product, you can always contact us through our chat at the bottom of the page. You can also reach us by phone or email
or by stopping by at our Helsinki store. Our experts are always ready to help!

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