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TwistBe Skincare Set For Couperosa

TwistBe Skincare Set For Couperosa

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Flow kosmetiikka Flow Cosmetics Organic Rose Water, 100ml

Apeiron Gentle Cleansing Milk, 150 ml

The Konjac Sponge Company Unicorn Konjac Sponge+Hook

Neal's Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm, 15g

Apeiron Nourishing & Regenerating Cream With Q10

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We wanted to make shopping a little easier for you and put together a set for each skintype to make finding the right products really easy for you. This set has everything you need for basic skin care!

When it comes to skincare routine clean the skin gently with milk-, balm-, or oily cleansers. Do not use muslin cloths, scrubs or anything that is harsh. This will irritate the skin. Use toners/hydrosols and moistuizing products that strenghten, calm and brighten the skin. For example oils rosehip or rose are great as well as for example a rose hydrosol. If you want to read more about this skintype's qualities, you'll find more information here.

The set includes a skin cleansing product, toner, face cream and a face balm and konjac sponge that is just right for your skintype to boost your skincare routine. 

By buying this package You'll save 10.10 € comparing to buying the products one by one.

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