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TwistBe Skincare set for perioral dermatitis

TwistBe Skincare set for perioral dermatitis

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Apeiron Face & Body Cell Repair Gel, 30 ml

Olivia Klein Cream & Wash Cleansing Cream, 200ml

Akamuti Organic Lavender Water, 100 ml

Akamuti Hemp Oil Blend, 100 ml

We wanted to make shopping a little easier for you and put together a set for each skintype to make finding the right products really easy for you. This set has everything you need for basic skin care!

Even though we do not know yet exactly the causes, we do know that simplyfying the skincare routine helps if you suspect you have POD. Use simple products, use less products and follow a simple skincare routine. Clean your face with a mild cleansing milk or just with coconut oil. If you need you can use a gentle konjac sponge for the cleaning but avoid using a muslin cloth, it is too harsh for POD skin. Usually POD skin is so sensitive that peelings and masks are too much, so skip these completely. Choose a moisturizing product that is simple and binds moisture.
The set includes a skin cleansing product, toner, face gel and a face oil that is just right for your skintype to boost your skincare routine. 

By buying this package You'll save 5.80 € comparing to buying the products one by one.

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