High quality, high performance skincare products with best value for money. Global shipments. Europe 8,90€.

We work as a distributor in Europe to couple of awesome brands. If you are interested in working with us either having us as your distributor or work as a retailer to the brands we represent please contact us:

Veera Brückler, veera@twistbe.fi or +358 40 196 9606

What started as Adina Grigore’s project to make her own cosmetics for her sensitive skin has grown in to world wide success. This cosmetic line works wonders to your skin and it’s one of the purest cosmetic lines we’ve seen! Every product includes only maximum 5 ingredients. No preservatives, no fillers!

Great colors and amazing Make-up products with a lot of active treating ingredients
like argan oil, carrot oil and Vitamin E!

Very good price-quality ratio cosmetic line from Germany! Our absolute favourite product is their Organic Jojoba Tea Tree Oil! It works wonders to stressed skin with impurities.