High quality, high performance skincare products with best value for money. Global shipments. Europe 8,90€.

We want to offer companies only the best. Pure, Honest, Clean, Organic and Ethicalness are values we live by. This shows also in everything we offer to companies. Wellbeing at work is a very broad concept and you can impact to that already with very small choises. By investing to ecological products, services that support holistic wellbeing and more healthier options to your staff you can make a big change in your staff’s wellbeing without having to sacrifice on the quality. Employee wellbeing has a major impact on the company's profitability, productivity and it can have a positive impact on your employee's longvity.

From our product selection you can find products to every day needs at the office such as food, sanitary products and gifts. If you value environmentally friendly, ethcial products with great quality, TwistBe products are your choise! We can also deliver fresh food to meetings or team events. Most popular ones are our nutrient-rich salads, green juices and raw cakes. Tell us what you need and let’s find a solution together that fits your needs!

We plan and create events for your company whether it’s a smaller team event or a whole day workshop. Events can be organized regardless of headcount or place. We’ve done events anywhere from 5 person’s intensive workshops to lessons for 400 people. Event can be organized at the company’s own location or somewhere else based on the need and nature of the event. We organize the events together with our partners. Our partners are companies that share the same values as we do when it comes to holistic wellbeing but they are also experts in their own field. We’ve selected these partners because they produce great quality products and offer best services.

Our selection for services is growing all the time. You can for example order an eco-friendly cleaning service or have a fysiotherapist come over to your office.

TwistBe imports products to Europe from USA and works as a distributor in Europe. We have selected to distribute products that are ethical and where we’ve had the chance to visit the manufacturers to see how products are made. We have selected to import products that are organic, manufactured ethically and based on what kind of a values the company has. We do not approve animal testing or harmful chemicals.

We are here for YOU so don’t hesitate to contact our customer service at letstalk@twistbe.fi