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Terms and Conditions


TwistBe.fi and TwistBe.com are administrated by TwistBe Oy (2670727-4). TwistBe.fi and TwistBe.com are an onlinstore where TwistBe is selling products to Consumers. These general terms and conditions are applied between TwistBe Oy and it’s customers. By using our Services, you agree to these terms

TwistBe can change these terms on it’s own at any time without a separate notice. For orders we apply the terms and conditions that are valid at the moment. If the law regarding this matter changes, the changes will apply immediately to these terms and conditions as well unless mentioned otherwise.

TwistBe Oy follows with all it’s actions general Finnish consumer law, advertising and marketing related regulations and recommendations. TwistBe Oy is not responsible of damages caused by a force majeure situation. Force majeure is considered to be unpredictable matter or change in the circumstances which is outside of TwistBe Oy’s power and which TwistBe Oy cannot change when reasonable measures are being taken into consideration. Incase TwistBe is not able to deliver to customer what has been promised, or the delivery is changed or delayed because of force majeure situation, TwistBe will immediately inform the customer about the situation either by email or phone depending on the information the customer has provided to TwistBe. TwistBe is not responsible of not being able to deliver messages to the customer if the information given by the customer is incorrect or invalid.


TwistBe.fi and TwistBe.com –onlinestore sells products to legal age (18 years old) private persons (later on Customer). TwistBe Oy complies with the valid Finnish and European Union consumer protection laws. These terms and conditions are not valid when they are restricting the consumer rights designated in the valid Finnish and European Union consumer protection laws

TwistBe.fi and TwistBe.com onlinestore sells also products for companies. For these matters we comply with the valid laws and restrictions as well as good business practises.

Customer is obligated to give complete and accurate contact information when placing the order. For private customers these include at least the name, address, phone number and email address.

The customer confirms that the given information is correct and valid and that the customer is responsible of all the possible mistakes in the information.


Description of the registry can we found at www.twistbe.fi.

TwistBe Oy is responsible of this website and protecting the customer information given to this website. TwistBe Oy aims to protect it’s customer information in the best possible way in every situation. Twistbe Oy complies with all the data privacy laws in Finland and European Union.

All our products include the Finnish VAT but not the shipping cost. TwistBe Oy withholds the right to sell products in exceptionally large batches. In the TwistBe online stores we are also selling services and products from other companies. In these situations the company delivering the goods or service is clearly mentioned and is responsible of the entire delivery. TwistBe Oy is responsible of forwarding the customer and order information to the company delivering the goods/service.

Our possible discount coupons or codes do not apply to services, workshops or Anton&Anton grocery bags.


Payment service provider is Checkout Finland Oy in collaboration with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Checkout Finland Oy forwards the payment to TwistBe Oy. Checkout Finland Oy has the license and permission to work as the payment service provider.

Incase of a reclamation we kindly ask you to contact Checkout directly:

Checkout Finland Oy, y-tunnus: 2196606-6

Varastokatu 3 A, 33100 TAMPERE

Customer service: 0800 552 010 (0,00€/min), Open Monday-Friday 09-16

Online payments from a web bank are also provided by Checkout Finland Oy in collaboration with Finnish banks and credit institutions. In the customer point of view the transaction works in the same way as normal web bank payments.


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Services and products are sold as they are. TwistBe is not responsible of faulty products, or/and direct or indirect costs or loss of income. TwistBe Oy’s responsibility for compensation is always limited by these terms and conditions. Responsibility of faulty products is limited to refunding the money for the goods by deducting any benefits the customer has already been able to receive from using the product.

By placing an order the customer approves these TwistBe Oy terms and conditions.

Updated on 1.1.2017