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Kati P.

I have worked in busy marketing and sales jobs my whole career and this has really taught me how to take good care of my body to keep up with the pace. My journey towards a cleaner and healthier lifestyle started through green juicing and reached full speed by the time I started approaching 30. I have always been a big fan of selective cosmetics and was happy to find out that when using our organic products you really don’t have to make any compromises on quality and efficiency, as long as you find the right products especially for you. Check out Kati’s green juice recipe from our blog or visit our store and taste the juice at TwistBe Take-away cafe.


It has been amazing noticing the difference in the condition of my skin after starting to eat organic and using organic cosmetics. Even though I haven’t really had any major problems earlier I can still tell the difference. My skin is softer and more balanced and I haven’t really even been sick in the last years. At TwistBe you can find all that you need to join us on this path!

FAVOURITE PRODUCT? I love high quality products in beautiful packages and love shopping for cosmetics. I have a favourite product for every purpose, but definitely one of my favourite products is Kahina’s Argan Oil that makes your skin silky soft.

HEALTH TIP? If you mostly work on your computer, try a standing up desk for a change. Standing up instead of sitting can really work miracles! Make walking a daily routine, even 5 minutes in fresh air will brighten your mind.

HOW DO YOU RELAX? I love slow cooking without any timetables. This is what I usually do in the weekends after a lovely morning run.

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