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Finding products that are truly high quality and pure can be surprisingly challenging. Products might seem good and healthy at first glance, but can actually turn out to be quite the opposite. Packaging, marketing slogans, and advertisements can be very fooling.

By this we mean that shops are full of products that are not the way they're supposed to be. We have found guacamole that contains 0,7% avocado; meat balls that aren't made of meat, but of chicken skin; and organic chocolate that contains glucose-fructose syrup. In the cosmetics department you might find aloe vera gel, that has barely any aloe vera in it; a shea butter with water as the main ingredient; and a cucumber mask that contains no cucumber at all.

The only way to make sure that the product really is high quality, is to read the labels and ingredients lists very carefully. Interpreting and understanding ingredients lists takes time though and a certain amount of research. The price of the product, store where the products are being sold, marketing slogans, people who advertise or represent the products are not any kind indicators about the quality or pureness of a product.

Are you interested in your own health or wellbeing? Every day choises matter a lot when it comes to our holistic wellbeing.

TwistBe serves YOU who are:

1) A very savy and chemcial-concious consumer who is very carefully about the products that you use

2) Willing to make better choises when it comes to your wellbeing  but don't really know where or how to start

3) Simply interested in paying good quality products so somebody who wants to pay for the right and good quality ingredients instead of just branding


4) In firm believer of the fact that nobody should have to compromise health for beauty

We have build TwistBe product selection in the consumers best interest in mind <3 At TwistBe we read every single ingredient list so that you don't have to anymore. We also visit the manufacturers in order to ensure the quality and authenticity of the products we sell.

You can read more about our thoughts here or stop by at our store :) Here you can browse our product selection.