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Product criteria

Our founders have studied cosmetics and skin biology, so the products we sell have been selected with the utmost expertise. We know what skin needs, what the good raw materials are and what raw materials are worth paying for. Based on this, we’ve carefully selected our products to best benefit TwistBe customers.

We don't sell products just because they are, for example, certified natural cosmetics or vegan. Each product and manufacturer has gone through a vetting process so that not only does our range consist of some of the cleanest, purest products, but also products that genuinely work and meet even the most critical consumer wishes.

Our products are:

- Made from genuinely nourishing ingredients
- High in organic content
- incorporate as low as possible raw materials (e.g. cold pressed oils)
- have an excellent price-quality ratio

Our products do not include:

- Fillers and additives
- Hazardous chemicals such as phthalates and parabens
- Genetically Modified Ingredients (GMOs)
- Synthetic fragrances
- Plastic (our product range is 100% plastic-free!)
- Chemical sensitizers (even in flushable products)
- Aluminum
- Animal derived ingredients such as carmine
- Hormone adultery
- Silicones
- Synthetic dyes
- Chemical UV filters
- Formaldehyde liberators
- General contact allergens (such as limonene and linalool) isolated from essential oils

We only offer products and services that represent our values. You will also find within our range preservative-free, vegan and 100% organic products.

We love and protect the environment

We at TwistBe believe that every company should take environmental matters into account in the planning and decision-making of its business. We do our very best to avoid unnecessary waste, and we recycle 100% of the packaging material delivered to us. This is one reason why our online orders are sometimes shipped in slightly different packaging.

We love and protect animals

We do not support animal testing. We strongly believe that in cosmetic testing, animal testing should be replaced, reduced and processed. We only sell products that do not contain animal tested ingredients. We also do not sell products that are sold in China because Chinese law requires that the products sold there be tested on animals.

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