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Holistic skincare shop and mini spa in the center of Helsinki

We sell high-quality, high-performance cosmetics and beauty food products for truly effective natural skincare. We have carefully built our assortment to bring you the best value for your money, both in-store and online.

Our product range includes cosmetics, household products, literature and food products – everything that has an effect on your skin's well-being. You can find products for women, men and children and our online store offers worldwide shipping!
The same assortment is available online and in-store.

If you cannot visit us in Helsinki we are always happy to assist you online and ship you your order fast and reliably.

At our store we have a mini day spa that offers a variety of services to treat your skin both inside and out. Our approach to skincare is unique in that it is truly holistic: the estheticians in our store take your lifestyle choices into consideration when doing facials and other beauty treatments.

You can also book an appointment with a nutritionist or a wellness coach to get consultation regarding recovery, stress-management and nutrition. They also provide HCA-analysis.

Our approach is holistic because we believe that everything from diet, sleep, stress, and recovery along with cosmetics have an impact on the health of your skin. We are also very result-oriented and don't just settle for treating the symptoms of various skin problems. Instead, we always trying to find the root cause of your problems. This is the reason why our customers get good and long lasting results. We are also happy to help you with your skincare routines and with choosing the right products so don't hesitate to contact us!


Lapinlahdenkatu 7, 00180 Helsinki

Opening hours: Tue-Thu 10-15, Fri 10-15 and Sat 12-15.


Call or WhatsApp: +358 40 1969 604
E-mail: letstalk@twistbe.fi
Chat: You can find in the right bottom corner of this page
Facebook Chat: https://web.facebook.com/twistbe/

Want to get to know the world of truly effecient holistic skincare?

Here you can find all our products that include super nourishing, natural cosmetic products and all the best foods and supplements to treat your skin from within.

"Loved everything about this place! Amazing service and a fantastic selection of products. I live in the US and was thrilled to hear about their online store as well. Can't wait to try the Finnish products I purchased. Thank you again!" /Facebook review from a customer

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