High quality, high performance skincare products with best value for money. Fast, reliable shipments!! a

Natural cosmetics and skinfood store in Helsinki center

We sell high quality and high performance cosmetics and beauty food products for truly effective natural skincare. We have carefully build our assortment to bring you the best value for your money, both in-store and online at our web shop. 

You offer you the same assortment online and in-store. If you cannot visit us in Helsinki we are always happy to assist you online and ship your order fast and reliably. 

We have a very holictic approach top skincare and are here to help our customers even with challenging skincare problems. We are driven to find the root cause of the skin problems and will never settle to just treat the consequence. For this reason our customers get long-term results and in many cases see results fast after starting to treat their skin according to our instructions. We are happy to tell you more about our products and help you find your perfect matches!


Lapinlahdenkatu 7, 00180 Helsinki

Opening times:

Mon-Thu 10.30-18
Fri          10.30-15