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TwistBe comes from the words “The Way It’s Supposed to Be”. We chose this name for the company because it reflects what we offer at TwistBe: products that are clean, honest, organic, and efficient – the way it’s supposed to be!

One day, Veera (one of our founders) was introduced to “cleaner cosmetics” by one of her friends. At that time, we didn’t really understand what that meant. We thought of cosmetics as an inherently good thing. They’re created to make us look more beautiful and radiant, so how could they be harmful? Doesn’t the government have consumer rights protected to make sure that we don’t need to worry all that?

After doing a bunch of research, Veera realized that it was time for her to make the switch to “clean cosmetics”. Not only did “clean cosmetics” seem to be more effective and better for her health, but also better for the environment.

So, she went online and ordered some products. To her disappointment, however, the ingredients in the products did not reflect what had been advertised to her. An organic beauty product ended up containing 10% organic ingredients; an “all natural” product ended up containing synthetic fragrance.

Finding high-quality products that actually worked the way she wanted them to work seemed to take forever.

Soon it became clear that in order to find the best products, she would have to study every single ingredient list for every single product she used.

“The ingredients are the product”

After doing this for some time, Veera found all the product and ingredient research to be way too time consuming. She couldn’t help but think “People do not have time for this! Do they? There should be a safe place to shop where you can just buy products that smell good, work well, and are reasonably priced without having to read all the labels.”

That’s when TwistBe was born.

When Veera and her two friends started the business, they realized along the way that beauty is not only about the products you put on your skin. It’s also about what you put into your body, how you sleep, drink, and live. It all has an effect on our appearance.

The girls started thinking about beauty from a holistic perspective, something they hadn’t done before. They also realized that, once they started paying more attention to the cosmetics they used, they started to become more aware of everything that surrounds a product. Where the ingredients come from, if the packaging is recyclable, if it was ethically produced, and so on.

It then became their mission to create a place where you can get high-quality, ethically produced goods that respect the environment and animals with safe ingredients that really work.

So if you’re interested in organic, pure, fresh, beautiful, honest products that really work, you’ve come to the right place. We want to make your life easy.

You can shop at TwistBe with a clear conscience. We’ve done all the research for you, not only into the products themselves but also the manufacturers behind the products. We’ve made personal visits to most of our supplier in order for us to be really sure about the quality of the products. You can read about some of our visits by heading to our blog. You’ll also find loads of tips, recipes and all kinds of advice for holistic beauty practices.

We hope you find TwistBe to be an inspiring place that makes your life easier and heart (and skin) happier.

Veera, Susanna, and Kati